The practice runs three ultrasound scanners enabling reproduction/fertility scanning as well as musculo-skeletal and abdominal imaging.

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new battery powered Ultrasound machine. This is a versatile machine allowing not only fertility scanning but also musculoskeletal scanning for lameness problems. This will allow us to examine your horses and ponies on the yard with no need for power.

This is in addition to our portable and battery powered endoscope, capable of endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract and stomach as well as our battery powered and wireless DR x-ray system.

Whats an ultrasound used for?

New battery powered ultrasound machine!

Ultrasound scans are often used in lameness cases for assessing and evaluating the extent of damage to tendons and ligaments as well as being able to look further into wounds.


Other uses would be to assess joint surfaces, fractures and soft tissue swellings.


It is often used in broodmares for assessing a mares oestrous cycle for pregnancy preparation, pregnancy diagnosis and early detection of twin pregnancies.

We would sometimes use the ultrasound to investigate what could be causing abdominal problems such as colic and weight loss.