Shorefield Equine provides a complete first opinion service including vaccinations, health checks, worming plans and castration.


It's important to maintain your horses routine healthcare including keeping vaccinations up to date. We would always recommend your horse, ponies and donkeys are vaccinated against flu and tetanus whether or not they are out competing.

If you are competing, some competitions require your horse to be vaccinated more frequently so its important to check this and keep up to date with the rules as they change regularly. 

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Worming horses is an important part of basic horse care routine.

We offer tailored worming plans for your horses and ponies, we can perform worm egg counts in our laboratory based within our office, this will help us determine if your horse needs worming.  A worm egg count will not show a tapeworm burden, however, blood tests or saliva tests can be done to check for this.

Colt Castrations

There are two types of procedures, standing sedation and general anaesthetic. 

General anaesthetic would be indicated in cases where the testicles had not descended. 

We strongly recommend  castrates to take place in the spring or autumn. This is to avoid the flies in the summer and the mud in the winter. Avoiding these times will decrease the risk of post-operative complications.