Routine and advanced dentistry - Pritchard Equine Dentistry

We offer all aspects of routine work supported by a range of manual and motorised dental equipment. We also provide advanced dental treatments including x-rays, extractions and surgery. We work alongside Emilia Pritchard for all aspects of dentistry work. 

Training of Foals
Pre-purchase examinations (Vettings)


We provide both complete (5 stage) and limited (2 stage) pre-purchase examinations.

Image by Philippe Oursel
Second opinions 

Shorefield Equine provides a second opinion service on all different aspects of ongoing conditions.

We will need full clinical history from your registered vet practice and this will be sent back after our appointment. 

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Artificial insemination 


Lee will continue to offer Artificial insemination packages for your brood mares. We hope to introduce frozen semen from 2022. 

Equipment and services we can offer as a referral or second opinion...



The practice has a surgical and therapeutic laser.

The laser beam can be used for cutting tissue like a scalpel. High temperatures of up to 300 °C cause the cells to pop open and evaporate. This process is called vaporisation leading to cutting and coagulation with minimal bleeding.


We have a 3 metre gastroscope allowing the scoping of the upper gastrointestinal tract



The practice runs a 1.7m Olympus endoscope allowing visualisation of all aspects of the respiratory tree at rest.



The practice offers a standing surgical service including advanced dental procedures, sinus surgery, mass removals, back surgery and standing musculo-skeletal surgery.


The practice has a completely mobile digital x-ray unit allowing instant x-rays to be taken horse-side.



The practice runs three ultrasound scanners enabling reproduction/fertility scanning as well as musculo-skeletal and abdominal imaging.



Shockwave is used for the treatment of musculo-skeletal soft tissue pain and associated disorders in horses.


We have a wide range of dentistry equipment including power floats, electric flusher, filling equipment, x-ray machine and much more.