The practice has a surgical and therapeutic laser

Our laser allows us to use it in a surgical and/or in a therapeutic capacity. ​


In the surgical area, the laser beam can be used for cutting tissue like a scalpel. High temperatures of up to 300 °C cause the cells to pop open and evaporate. This process is called vaporisation leading to cutting and coagulation with minimal bleeding.


The benefits of a laser scalpel includes greater precision, reduction of bleeding via instantaneous cauterisation of wounds, and faster healing for the patient.

The use of the laser therapeutic capacity helps with inflammation, pain relief, accelerated tissue repair and cell growth, improved vascular activity and metabolic activity. It can help reduce fibrous tissue formation in wound healing as well as improve nerve function and speed up wound healing.

Uses in horses;

  • Back Soreness

  • Burns

  • Dermatitis Conditions

  • Founder – Hoof

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Navicular

  • Neurological

  • Post Injury – Extremity

  • Post Injury – Trunk

  • Stress Fracture

  • Suspensory Injury

  • Surgical Applications – Laser Scalpel

    • ​Cauterize

    • Cutting

    • Soft Incision