We run a BCF TruDR digital x-ray system that is completely portable allowing our veterinary surgeons to diagnose and treat a wide variety of lameness and medical conditions at your yard, without requiring your horse or pony to be transported to a hospital.


The DR system is superior to other x-ray systems due to:

·         improved diagnostic imaging with enlargement capabilities and computer enhancements such as measurement and notation

·         increased safety as chemicals are no longer needed and a faster exposure time means less radiation exposure for horse and staff

·         less X-rays require to be taken which means less radiation exposure and less time under sedation (if necessary)


As the system is completely digital it allows us to keep all of your horse's images on their computer file and also means we can email them to yourself, the farrier or referral practices/veterinary surgeons if required. 



The practice runs two reproductive ultrasound scanners and a musculoskeletal ultrasound scanner. Ultrasound is very useful for diagnosing pathology within soft tissue structures such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and internal organs. It can also provide useful information about the surface of bones and joints (often alongside x-rays).

The most common areas that we use ultrasound for are scanning the ovaries and uterus of mares for breeding/fertility purposes and scanning limbs for tendon and ligament injuries.

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