We offer all aspects of routine work supported by a range of manual and motorised dental equipment. We also provide advanced dental treatments including x-rays, extractions, fillings and surgery.

Why are dentals so important? 

Getting your horse, pony or donkey's teeth checked every 6 months will ensure maximum performance and comfort for your animal.


Your animal could be encountering many problems inside it's mouth like sharp edges, loose teeth, loose caps, focal overgrowth, wolf teeth, excessive transverse ridges, caries, diastemas all of which could cause your animal to be in pain and generally uncomfortable.


Having problems with teeth could be the root of lots of problems. Not eating, losing weight, head shaking, pulling on the bit are all signs your animal could need its teeth checking. 

It's important to always use either a quilified veterinary surgeon or someone who is  examined and approved by The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) & The British Veterinary Dental Assosiation (BVDA). 

We now work alongside a local equine dentist, Emilia Pritchard.                                

Pritchard Equine Dentistry