Shorefield Equine offers a range of reproductive services for your mares including artificial insemination using both fresh and frozen semen. 

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As part of our commitment to providing complete veterinary care at a competitive price for your horse we are pleased to offer an inclusive “package price” for AI work.

Included in the package:

  • A full pre-breeding assessment

  • Prostaglandin injection to bring the mare into season (if required)

  • All routine ultrasound examinations

  • Ovulation induction agents (Chorulon/Ovuplant)

  • Microscopic analysis of semen and assessment of quality

  • Insemination of mare

  • Post insemination scan to check ovulation

  • Pregnancy scan at 15 days and heartbeat scan at 28 days

  • Caslick’s procedure


Does not include:

  • The stud fee i.e. cost of the semen and cost of shipping

  • Extensive treatment of uterine infections/fluid before or after insemination

  • Visit fees