Shorefield Equine Veterinary Practice offers a range of reproductive services for your mare, from routine pregnancy scanning to infertility investigations. 

We provide routine stud visits, artificial insemination packages as well as care for the mare and foal during and after foaling.

Artificial Insemination

As part of our commitment to providing complete veterinary care at a competitive price for your horse we are pleased to offer an inclusive “package price” for AI work.

Included in the package:

  • A full pre-breeding assessment

  • Prostaglandin injection to bring the mare into season (if required)

  • All routine ultrasound examinations

  • Ovulation induction agents (Chorulon/Ovuplant)

  • Microscopic analysis of semen and assessment of quality

  • Insemination of mare

  • Post insemination scan to check ovulation

  • Pregnancy scan at 15 days and heartbeat scan at 28 days

  • Caslick’s procedure


Does not include

  • The stud fee i.e. cost of the semen and cost of shipping

  • Extensive treatment of uterine infections/fluid before or after insemination

  • Visit fees


If you would like more information and 2018 prices please contact us on 07884 482438 or via email at

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